Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education EdReflect End-of-Year TESS Ratings Report in SIS Cycle 2019-2020

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Educator Effectiveness & Licensure
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Act 295 of 2017 [Ark.Code Ann. ยง 6-17-2801]
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Superintendents; Assistant Superintendent; Principals; Data Stewards (SIS; eSchool; eFinance; TRIAND)

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 Under the Every Student Succeeds Act, states shall determine the rate at which low-income and minority students are disproportionately taught by educators who are ineffective, inexperienced, or teaching a subject for which they are not currently licensed. If there is disproportionality, the state will evaluate and publicly report the progress in addressing the disproportionality.  Section 8 of the Educator Support and Development rules provide specific information regarding required reporting of educator effectiveness and equity in accordance with state and federal reporting requirements.


To meet the regulatory requirement for reporting, the ADE:DESE will use certified data submitted in the annual Cycle 7 report.  Districts will submit required teacher data beginning in the 2019-2020 school year reporting cycle and include required administrator data beginning in the 2020-2021 school year reporting cycle.  Note that the data reported are only for teachers and administrators required to receive a summative rating under TESS and LEADS.  It is important to note that EdReflect is a local use tool that is designed to facilitate professional growth conversations and promote consistent access to the state adopted TESS and LEADS rubrics, allowing teachers and administrators to identify areas of strength and areas for growth.  It is not the state’s official reporting tool. 


To meet the reporting requirements, each educational entity shall report to the Department:

  • Each teacher’s professional practice rating from the teacher’s summative evaluation conducted once every four (4) years.
    • A teacher’s professional practice rating will not be publicly reported, but is essential to the calculation of disproportionality;
  • The number of educators who are:
    • Teaching or working as an administrator with less than three (3) years of experience;
    • Teaching or working as an administrator with emergency or provisional credentials; and
    • Teaching a subject for which they are not currently licensed;

For the 2019-2020 School Information System Cycle 7 Report:

Districts will report data collected in EdReflect for teachers who are required to receive a summative rating under Teacher Excellence and Support System [TESS].  Ratings for Administrators who are required to receive a summative rating under Leader Excellence and Development System [LEADS & LEADS 2.0] will be collected and maintained at the district level, rather than reported in the Cycle 7 Report for the current school year. 


 For the 2020-2021 School Information System Cycle 7 Report:

Districts will report data from EdReflect for teachers and administrators who are required to receive a summative rating under Teacher Excellence and Support System and Leader Excellence and Development System.


 TESS ratings for educators during their identified summative rating year can be obtained from the ‘End-of-Year Task Tab’ process in EdReflect. Data reports are created in the ‘End of Year Summary & Data Export Tab’. The state does not require End-of-Year ratings for Novice teachers (those in the first three (3) years of teaching) nor teachers in one of the Interim Appraisal years (educators concentrating on his/her Professional Growth Plan).

Observers may still complete an End-of-Year Rating Snapshot for educators in a non-summative rating track as part of the meeting template on the Observer’s dashboard, TESS PGP Review/Update.

Multiple communication formats will be available to share the instructions with Arkansas educators. Please see attached documents for a list of those communications and a suggested End-of-Year workflow.  TESS Talk Tuesday Sessions will be increased this semester to three-a-day to assist with questions.


TESS Talk Tuesdays – EdReflect End of Year Zoom Support

February 18, 2020

March 10, 2020

April 07, 2020

May 05, 2020

10:00 – 10:30 a

2:00 – 2:30 p

4:00 – 5:30 p

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As reporting TESS Career Summative data in the Cycle 7 Report is new this year, for your convenience:

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