Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education 2020-2021 Final Testing Calendar

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The final testing dates for the 2020–2021  school year have been set.  The attached calendar includes the required assessments at grades K–12.  All state testing must take place during these dates.

Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM), the alternate assessment, will be administered to qualifying students in each grade 3–10.  Math and ELA are required on the DLM in both the fall and spring windows and together make up the summative score.  Science is required only during the spring window.  It is recommended that students be given the opportunity to take the science testlets during the fall window, but these scores will not contribute to the summative score.

There will be a fall make-up administration for the ACT at grade 11 for students who were enrolled as juniors in Arkansas public schools from February 25 to May 31, 2020 but were not able to test under the state contract.  All testing in the fall administration will be on paper.  Districts must choose either the initial window or the make-up window during which to test qualifying students in the fall administration.  Schools are encouraged to consider multiple factors when choosing a test window.  The make-up window has fewer days in which to complete the non-test information sessions and fewer days in which to administer accommodated testing.  Students can expect results 3-8 weeks from the make-up window, no matter which testing window is chosen.  District Test Coordinators (DTCs) are encouraged to attend to communication through July and early August about deadlines for required action.

There are two initial cohort test windows for the ACT at grade 11 in spring of 2021.  In the fall of 2020, the DTC will complete a survey indicating the preferred administration window.  The third test window is for make-up testing only.

Districts went through a new K-2 vendor selection in May of 2020.  All districts will administer their chosen K-2 assessment through 2024. 

For additional information, please contact Alex Pritchett, Office of Student Assessment, Arkansas Department of Education at (501) 682-5161. 

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