Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education ENGAGE Arkansas District Opt In Deadline is Friday, October 23rd

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ENGAGE Arkansas

ENGAGE Arkansas is a statewide partnership to support students, families, and teachers during a time of rapid change and challenge. With the help of academic coaches and mentors, this program will increase attendance and academics as well as provide teachers with the additional student support needed to overcome the barriers of the current learning environment. 


Program Overview


The program starts with a multi-modal outreach strategy designed to reach eligible students and families via phone, mail, text, or social media. Once re-connected, students are given the opportunity to work with a dedicated coach through the end of the school year. The coach helps to identify and mitigate the obstacles preventing engagement, helps the student learn the skills necessary to succeed in the remote learning environment, monitors the student’s pace and progress, and provides the support the student needs to stay engaged, helping them continue their educational journey and progress toward graduation. 



Which Students Qualify?


First, a district must opt in to the program. DISTRICT OPT IN DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23RD.  Districts may opt in at Once a district opts in to the program, Graduation Alliance will be in contact with your eSchool coordinator to review the data template and answer any questions they have about the secure FTP site. They will assist your eSchool coordinator in prioritizing the students according to the criteria categories below. We will prioritize contact and support for students in Groups 1 and 2 immediately and will work with the ERZ directors to address the needs of students in Group 3.


            Group 1: “No Shows” 

If a student has not made an appearance in person or virtually as of October 15th and has not enrolled in home school or private school, that student is considered a “no show”.


            Group 2: “Virtual no or low shows”


If a student enrolled in your district chose the virtual education option and has yet to participate or has participated/attended 20% or less of the first nine weeks, that student is considered a “virtual no or low show”.  Districts should use their attendance policy in determining 20% or less attendance. 


            Group 3:  Failing one or more virtual classes


If a student is not successful (failing) one or more virtual classes, then that student meets the Group 3 guidelines. 


For more information, review the Engage Arkansas toolkit found on the ADE Website under Engage Arkansas. 



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