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The Arkansas Department of Education and the Office of Education Renewal Zones announces the launch of the Arkansas Tutoring Corps in an effort to serve the academic needs of students across the state.


The goals of the Arkansas Tutoring Corps are three-fold:


1) To build a system of recruiting and training tutors who are equipped to meet the academic needs of students in their geographic area.

2) To expand the Arkansas Tutoring Corps to serve students throughout the state.

3) To connect tutors with schools and organizations with to 


Qualified applicants in the Arkansas Tutoring Corps include students in educator prep programs in institutions of higher education, retired educators, educators currently serving in the classroom, and community members. Tutoring applicants will be required to pass child maltreatment and background checks, and will have completed several hours of training in literacy, math, building positive relationships with students and families, classroom/behavior management, and meeting the social and emotional needs of learners.


Tutors will be compensated for their time in training and support.  For information on the compensation schedule, please see the Informational PowerPoint located on the Arkansas Tutoring Corps website. Qualified tutors are able to receive additional compensation from schools and/or organizations seeking to contract with the tutors for their service. 


The system will connect the bank of prepared candidates with schools and organizations seeking to utilize their acquired training skills to support the academic needs of the students they serve. 

If interested in becoming a tutor with the Arkansas Tutoring Corps, please complete the Arkansas Tutoring Corps application

If interested in utilizing tutors in a school or organization, please contact one of the directors below for more information or with any questions. The ERZ Directors are also gathering additional information through a needs assessment.  

Informational sessions and training sessions are available at various locations.  The dates for those sessions and future sessions may be found on the Arkansas Tutoring Corps website

To learn more about the Arkansas Tutoring Corps, please contact a Director of an Education Renewal Zone. 

Jill Clogston – – 870-219-6580  

Dr. Roger Guevara – – 870-904-4900  

Dr. Tracie Jones – – 870-723-9122  

Lindsey Calhoun – – 479-270-9355  

Robyn Dawson - - 479-788-7908


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