Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education State-Supported Pre-AP for Arkansas Schools

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The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE), Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), in partnership with College Board, is pleased to announce a state-supported opportunity for Arkansas schools and learners to participate in College Board’s new Pre-AP Program. There are many benefits to offering Pre-AP courses in all Arkansas schools for educators, school leaders, students, and families. Pre-AP, under a state-supported contract, ensures access to high-school level Pre-AP courses for all students and enables teachers to accelerate student learning and counter learning loss.

As schools onboard, they are affirming their commitment to provide learners with educational courses that are easily accessible and prepare them for advanced coursework. More importantly, Pre-AP courses no matter the subject, challenge learners to build, strengthen, and reinforce their content knowledge and critical thinking skills. Building these skills will help learners succeed at high levels in high school and beyond.  

College Board’s Pre-AP courses provide a focused framework with model lessons and resources for 28 of the 36 weeks of instruction in a given school year. Additional mapping of essential instruction for the remaining eight (8) weeks will be provided by DESE content area specialists to ensure all Arkansas Academic Standards are taught within the academic school year.

Additional Benefits for Learners: 

Among many benefits, learners participating in Pre-AP will be better prepared for

  • success in Advanced Placement, 
  • concurrent credit courses, 
  • opportunities for acceleration, and 
  • other advanced coursework. 

Benefits for Educators: 

All participating educators will be provided with 

  • access to a national standard of academic excellence providing a framework for rigorous instruction and assessments.  
  • professional learning for teachers and school/district leaders. 

Benefits for Districts:  

The state-supported Pre-AP program

  • provides equitable access by removing financial barriers,
  • bolsters graduation pathways, and
  • establishes a consistent Pre-AP experience for all learners.    

To be part of the state-supported contract, schools must register with The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Registration is a commitment to the following:  

  • Offer official College Board Pre-AP courses for high school credit.
    • Pre-AP courses provide a focused framework for grade-level courses offered under the state-supported contract.   
  • At a minimum, participating schools must offer Pre-AP Algebra 1 and Pre-AP English 1 for all learners starting in grade 9.
    • Since the new Pre-AP courses are grade level courses, the school will offer Pre-AP Algebra 1 and Pre-AP English 1 in lieu of the regular section to all learners.
    • If the New Pre-AP course is offered prior to 9th grade, it would not be grade-level and can be offered to students based on readiness for the content.
    • Under the state-supported contract, there are additional Pre-AP courses available through College Board. Schools will decide whether to offer additional courses beyond the required Pre-AP Algebra 1 and Pre-AP English 1.
  • Ensure Pre-AP teachers and leaders complete College Board required professional learning. The initial training required is provided through College Board under the state-supported contract. This training will meet the Arkansas training requirement for Pre-AP teachers for initial and renewal training, in accordance with Grading and Course Credit Rules.

Register your school today to participate in this state-supported opportunity. Through this effort, Arkansas students will not only be ready for success in Advanced Placement, other higher-level coursework, and college, but they will also be ready for success in life.

Register HERE

Utilize the Arkansas Pre-AP Toolkit to learn more about the new state-supported Pre-AP Program. Take advantage of the communication tools and share information with your educators, learners, and families.

For additional information, contact Krystal Nail in the Office of Gifted & Talented and Advanced Placement




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