Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Qualified Tutors available through Arkansas Tutoring Corps

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Federal Programs; Superintendents; Assistant Superintendent; Principals; Technology Coordinators; Test Coordinators; Teachers; Gifted & Talented Coordinators; Curriculum Coordinators; School Counselors; Equity Coordinators (Disability/Race/Gender/National Origin); District Coordinators (ALE; Homeless; ESOL; SDFS & Foster); Parent Involvement Coordinators/Facilitators; CTE Coordinator (COOPs and regular school districts)

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The Arkansas Department of Education, in partnership with the Office of Education Renewal Zones, launched the Arkansas Tutoring Corps in the Fall of 2021.  

The goals of the Arkansas Tutoring Corps are three-fold:

1. To build a system of recruiting and training tutors who are equipped to meet the academic needs of students in their geographic area.

2. To expand the Arkansas Tutoring Corps to all areas of the state.

3. To connect tutors with organizations serving students with academic needs in Arkansas for employment as tutors. 

We are excited to announce we have active qualified tutors serving students throughout the state.  A "Qualified Tutor" is defined as a candidate who has completed Phase 1 of the expectations which include background checks and curriculum training. A complete list of the expectations of each phase may be found on the Arkansas Tutoring Corps webpage

Visit the Statewide Community Resources Portal and search by region or category for approved sites and a list of qualified tutors. This list is updated weekly. 

For more information about the Arkansas Tutoring Corps, email, visit the Arkansas Tutoring Corps webpage, or contact a Director of ERZ. 


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