Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Funding Opportunity – Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program SY 2022-2023

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Child Nutrition
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Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act, Section 19. (a)-(i); [42 U.S.C. 1769 a]
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Superintendents; Principals; Child Nutrition Directors/Managers

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Attention:   Co-op Directors; Principals; Superintendents; Child Nutrition Directors



The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) is a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) program which provides reimbursement for fresh fruits and fresh vegetables served free to elementary students during the school day, outside the lunch and breakfast meals.


NOTE:  The fresh fruits and fresh vegetables served as part of this program may not be served before or after school and may not be served at regular student meal periods.


The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education, Child Nutrition Unit (CNU) is accepting applications from elementary schools that want to participate in the FFVP for School Year (SY) 2022-2023– pending approval of federal funding.


To be considered for this program, each elementary school in the district that desires the program must submit a completed application.  The application must be received by CNU no later than 4:30 pm on Friday, May 13, 2022. Applications must be emailed.


Submit (Scan and email w/ required signatures) applications to:



For renewal applicants, completing an application will continue funding for SY 22-23 if the school is an elementary school (K-8), has a 50% or greater free/reduced (F/R) percentage, submitted a complete application, and does not have any significant issues that would constitute ineligibility.


For new applicants, completing an application does not guarantee funding for SY 22-23. Funding will be based on the school’s F/R percentage, a complete application, and remaining funding after renewal schools have received their grant award.


When planning to submit an application, please keep the following in mind:

  • Applications must be emailed with “APPLICATION” in the subject line.
  • Late and incomplete applications will be disqualified.
  • Applications without required signatures will be disqualified.
  • Applications will not be returned.
  • Keep a copy of the application with original signatures for your files.
  • Please note on your application if the district will be following a non-traditional calendar year.


Goals of the FFVP are to:

  • create healthier school environments by providing healthier food choices,
  • expand the variety of fruits and vegetables children experience,
  • increase children’s fruit and vegetable consumption, and
  • make a difference in children’s diets to impact present and future health.


    School selection criteria include:

  • Must be an elementary school (USDA definition of elementary is any school with a combination of grades K-8).No Pre-School Program will be approved for SY 2022-2023, including those Pre-K programs that are part of an elementary school.
  • School must operate the National School Lunch Program. Schools must be in existence and successfully operate at least one of the USDA programs for one school year.
  • Submit an application for participation that meets all criteria. All interested schools should submit an application, even if they currently have the program.
  • Must have 50% or more of the school’s students eligible for free/reduced price meals.
  • Be chosen based on the percentage of free/reduced price students with the highest priority given to schools with the highest percentages of low-income students, to the maximum extent practicable.


Note: Schools/districts with major audit or administrative review findings related to the child nutrition programs will be disqualified.

This grant is for the period October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023. The level of funding provided is based on October 1, 2021, official school enrollment at a level ranging between $50-75 per student (as defined annually by CNU). Funding is contingent upon receipt of federal funds by the CNU from USDA.

Use of funds
Funds are to be used primarily to purchase, prepare, and distribute fresh fruits and fresh vegetables that will be made available at no charge to all students in the school at times other than lunch and/or breakfast. The program should be structured so that the maximum benefits go to children. Selected schools will submit a monthly FFVP Claim for Reimbursement to CNU as well as necessary supporting documentation of expenses.


Allowable expenses from this grant include:

  • fresh fruits and fresh vegetables
  • ·non-food supplies required to implement the program (such as napkins, paper plates, etc.)
  • labor expenses for staff preparing, serving and cleaning up
  • Up to 10% of the school's grant award may be used to pay minimal administrative costs including documented expenses for planning and managing the paperwork required by the program and/or purchasing the produce, supplies, and equipment necessary to implement the program


Funds may not be used for promotional activities, to supplement the lunch or breakfast program, for nutrition education materials and/or activities, or for indirect or other administrative costs.

Expectations of participating schools
Because USDA is required to submit reports to Congress, FFVP schools will be expected to cooperate in any evaluations and be able to provide information about participation, purchases, costs and other information. A district’s Child Nutrition Agreement will be amended to reflect any schools in the district that are selected to participate in the FFVP program.


How to apply:

  1. Read the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Handbook, dated December 2010 (Attachment C).Review grant requirements and “best practices” within the USDA Handbook for FFVP implementation ideas.


  2. Complete an Arkansas Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Application SY 2022-2023 (Attachment A) for each elementary school applying for the program.Use the Instructions for Completing the Arkansas Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Application (Attachment B) for guidance.


  3. Email completed applications to CNU by 4:30 pm on Friday, May 13, 2022.


Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Applications without required signatures will not be considered.


May 13, 2022:             Deadline for CNU to receive applications

August 2022:              Notification of Schools Awarded Grants for SY 2022-2023

September 2022:         Required FFVP Training for ALL SY 2022-2023 FFVP Schools. Date will be announced at a later time.


For any questions, please contact Louann Griswood, Accounting Coordinator.

Please consider taking part in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program as another way to help students develop lifelong healthful eating habits.


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