Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education 2022-2023 Guidelines for Posting Personnel Policies and Salary Schedules

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Ark. Code Ann. ยงยง 6-11-129, 6-17-201, 6-17-2301, and 6-17-915
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Arkansas Code Annotated §§ 6-11-129, 6-17-201 and 6-17-2301 requires school districts and public charter schools (unless there is a specific waiver) to post a copy of the Board approved classified and licensed personnel policies and salary schedules for the current year and two previous school years, and to notify the Division of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) no later than August 1, 2022, of the website address.

All data required to be published to a district's website must be easily accessible through the homepage of the website under a direct link titled "State Required Information".

The DESE State Funding Unit requests that districts do not wait until August 1, 2022, to email the website address.  Please email the website address as soon as the documents are approved by the Board and posted.  This will allow DESE staff to review websites in a more efficient and timely manner.

Please follow these DESE requirements when posting the schedules or updating policies or salary schedules:

1. Provide the website address via email to of the district homepage that includes the "State Required Information" direct link.  This will allow DESE to access the personnel policies and salary schedules easily. The district name and LEA number must be entered on the email subject line.

2. Post the lists in a downloadable format (PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel).

3. Indicate the school year the personnel policies and salary schedules are effective in the website name and on the posted documents.

4. Place the President of the Board's signature, as required by law, on the original personnel policies and salary schedules and keep them on file in a central location.  The documents on the web do NOT require actual signatures.  The signature may be typed on the documents as follows:  \s\John Doe, President of the Board.  The signature line must be typed exactly as it appears on the original documents.

5. Re-post any Board approved changes made to the personnel policies and salary schedules throughout the year and resend an email to , noting which documents have been changed on the district website.  The DESE must be informed when there has been a personnel policy or salary schedule change.

In accordance with Arkansas Law, failure to meet the requirements by September 15 will not receive in any year any additional state foundation funding from the Public School Fund until the personnel policies and salary schedules are posted to the district’s website.

As a reminder, Arkansas Code Annotated § 6-17-915 requires the district to file by October 1 of each year a list of all classified and licensed personnel employed by the school district for the current year, annual salary of each employee, and other information required by the DESE.  The information is collected in the State Reporting Cycle 1 and EVERY employee must be tied to a salary schedule, regardless of position.

Reference Rule Effective May 2, 2022:

Rules Governing Documents Posted to School District and Education Service Cooperative Websites

Website_Posting_(FINAL)_20220502132127.pdf (



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