Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Accurately Reporting Novice Teacher Data

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Educator Effectiveness & Licensure
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Standard of Accreditation 4-D.4 and Ark. Code Ann. ยง 6-17-2806
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Superintendents; Assistant Superintendent; Principals; Curriculum Coordinators; Equity Coordinators (Disability/Race/Gender/National Origin); Data Stewards (SIS; eSchool; eFinance; TRIAND); District Coordinators (ALE; Homeless; ESOL; SDFS & Foster); CTE Coordinator (COOPs and regular school districts)

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In Arkansas, a novice teacher is defined as a teacher in their first three (3) years of teaching. This data is collected by pulling teachers with 0, 1, and 2 years of experience as reported and certified by districts through the SIS Cycle Submission process.

This data is used to:

  • Produce State, district, and school level Report Cards, which are used to meet state and federal accountability requirements.
  • Monitor novice teacher mentoring as required by Standard of Accreditation 4-D.4 and Ark. Code Ann. § 6-17-2806.
  • Produce the Workforce Stability Index (WSI), which helps inform districts’ recruitment, assignment, development, and retention decisions to ensure students have equitable access to a high-quality teacher workforce.

The attached guidance document has been developed to help districts ensure novice teacher data is correctly reported to the state.

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