Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Final Federal Allocations 2022-23

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This document constitutes official notice of the Final 2022-23 allocations available for use in the 2022-23-school year under provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  Final allocation amounts are available on ADE DESE’s School Funding Website

Final allocations include:

  • District level changes resulting from revisions to the overall state grant at the federal level.
  • Current year student data for newly opening or significantly expanding open-enrollment charter schools.
  • One time prior year funds that were reallocated.

For 2022-23 allocations (except Carl Perkins), please note the following:

  • Obligation Deadline:  September 30,2024
  • Liquidation Deadline:  December 2024

Title I, Part A:  source code 6501, revenue code 45110

Title I, Part A Neglected: source code 6501, revenue code 45110, function 1594

Title I, Part D: source code 6510, revenue code 45120

Title I, Section 1003, School Improvement:  source code 6506, revenue code 45116

Title II, Part A:  source code 6756, revenue code 45925

Title III: source code 6761, revenue code 45935

Title III Recent Immigrant: source code 6758, revenue code 45928

Title IV: source code 6786, revenue code 45986

Title V:  source code 6784, revenue code 45977

Homeless Children and Youth:  source code 6530, revenue code 45140

Migrant, Title I Part C:  source code 6502, revenue code 45111

Carl Perkins:  source code 6570, revenue code 45310

Please be aware the one-time reallocated funds have different expiration dates as noted for each category on the grant award notification document.

Carl Perkins funds are allocated on a one-year term and then are subject to redistribution by the state agency.

Special Note:  The Title I, Part A Neglected Institution notice lists school districts whose Title I, Part A allocation includes funding for a local institution for neglected children. These funds are to be used to provide Title I services to children residing in these institutions.  Please keep a record of services provided and funds expended.  This list indicates which institution is located in the school district and the amount of money the eligible students in the institution generated.  The funds generated by the neglected eligible students have already been included in the total Title I, Part A allocation for the district.  The indicated amounts should be set-aside from the total Title I, Part A allocation for services to children within the indicated institution.  These amounts will need to be budgeted on line item 1594 Title I, Part A Neglected Institution at the district level.

For questions regarding:

Title I, Part A Programs, contact Jayne Green at 501-682-2395

Title I, Part C Programs, contact Damaris Tomlison at 501-324-9664

Title I, Part D Programs, contact Rachel Hogue at 501-682-4373

Title I, Section 1003 Programs, contact Ginny Stroud at 501-682-6620

Title II – Part A Programs, contact Jayne Green at 501-682-2395

Title III – English Language Acquisition, contact Alan Lytle at 501-682-4468 or Tricia Kerr at 479-267-7450

Title IV – Student Support and Academic Enrichment, contact Jayne Green at 501-682-2395

Title V – RLIS, contact Jayne Green at 501-682-2395

Title VI-B Programs, State Preschool, EIDT, contact Special Education unit at 501-682-4221

Carl Perkins-CTE, contact Lydia McDonald at 501-682-1616

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