Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Cybersecurity Alert for Arkansas Schools

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Assistant Principal; Assistant Superintendent; Bookkeepers; Child Nutrition Directors/Managers; Communications Manager / Director; CTE Coordinator (COOPs and regular school districts); Curriculum Coordinators; Data Stewards (SIS; eSchool; eFinance; TRIAND); District Coordinators (ALE; Homeless; ESOL; SDFS & Foster); Educator Effectiveness System Coordinator; Equity Coordinators (Disability/Race/Gender/National Origin); Facilities / Maintenance Director; Federal Programs; General Business Managers; Gifted & Talented Coordinators; Principals; School Counselors; School Nurse; Superintendents; Technology Coordinators; Techstart Coordinators or Contact Name; Test Coordinators

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School districts are consistently being targeted for cyber attacks across the state. Cyber attacks present a persistent threat to student data, staff data, instructional time, payroll, and other district assets. It is common for cybercriminals to target high-ranking district officials and the school district’s business office. It is important districts remain vigilant in responding to and preparing for cyber threats.

School districts can protect their employees by:

  • Provide security awareness to business offices, educators, and staff. 
  • Ensure employees are using unique passwords for critical accounts used to access sensitive information. 
  • Utilize multi-factor authentication on sensitive systems and information. 
  • Create and/or update protocols that require additional scrutiny to banking changes that appear to be requested by administration or staff. 
  • Have a communication and response plan in place for when a cyber event does occur. 

Security awareness training can be accessed by:



Additional information for cyber incident response and security awareness can be found by visiting our webpage.



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