Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Science of Reading Awareness and Proficiency in eFinance Update

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Office of Learning Services
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A.C.A. ยง6-17-429
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Assistant Principal; Assistant Superintendent; Bookkeepers; Curriculum Coordinators; Data Stewards (SIS; eSchool; eFinance; TRIAND); Educator Effectiveness System Coordinator; General Business Managers; Principals; Superintendents; Teachers

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By the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year, all teachers employed in any of the following teaching positions shall demonstrate proficiency in the knowledge and practices of scientific reading instruction:


  • Elementary school teachers in grades kindergarten through six (K-6), teaching math, science, social studies, or English language arts;
  • K-12 Special education teachers;
  • English Language Learner teachers in grades kindergarten through six (K-6);
  • Reading specialists.

All other educators shall demonstrate awareness in knowledge and practices of scientific reading instruction.

This memo contains updates to the codes that may be used for proficiency and clarifies that all certified employees of a district must be coded for awareness or proficiency in cycle 2. The attached presentation will add clarity to the process. 

Updated codes:

Awareness is always coded SR01. All administrators and other educators who do not require proficiency should be coded with SR01 after completing the requirements.


The following codes should be selected based on the pathway by which a teacher reached phase 2 for proficiency:

  • SR02 - Passing the Pearson Foundations of Reading Test OR identified as proficient in AELS
  • SR03 - Certified assessor observes and coaches, collecting sufficient evidence to deem proficient
  • SR04 - Graduates of an approved Arkansas Teacher Prep Program after 2021
  • SR05 - Allows for meeting proficiency after 2023 deadline and requires an intensive support plan
  • SR06 - RISE Trainers, CALT or CALP certification, Apple Group Dyslexia Therapist Course completers
  • SR07 - Special Circumstances (Reciprocity and Alt Route Programs) - allows for meeting proficiency after 2023 deadline and requires a proficiency plan


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