Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education School Safety Assessments and Safety Grant Update

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A.C.A. ยง 6-15-1303
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Comprehensive School Safety Assessment:

Reminder to complete the School Safety Assessments by August 1,2024. A.C.A. § 6-15-1303 states: 

(a)  (1) A public school district or open-enrollment public charter school shall conduct a comprehensive school safety assessment every three (3) years to assess the safety, security, accessibility, and emergency preparedness of district buildings and grounds in collaboration with local law enforcement, fire, and emergency management officials.

(2)  (A) A comprehensive school safety assessment shall be conducted by more than one (1) individual, including at least one (1) individual who is not assigned to the facility being assessed, if the assessment is conducted by district personnel.
(B) A comprehensive school safety assessment shall include without limitation an assessment of the following:
(i) Safety and security of the site and exterior of buildings;
(ii) Access control;
(iii) Safety and security of the interior of buildings;
(iv) Monitoring and surveillance, including without limitation type and extent;
(v) Communication and information security;
(vi) Review of emergency operation plans; and
(vii) School climate and culture.
  (3) The initial comprehensive school safety assessment shall be conducted by August 1, 2024.

If you use the "Site Assess" tool you must conduct a separate school climate and culture survey.  Free training for the Site Assess app-based tool is available at the AR Center for School Safety for district who choose this option. Districts attendees of this training will also receive access to the Arkansas module of this app.

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School Safety Grant:

School Safety Grant expenditures and reimbursements have been extended through the end of the fiscal year. The department is expecting the School Safety Rules to be reviewed in November and submitted reimbursements to be paid promptly upon final approval of the rules. 


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