Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Legal Student Transfers Under Arkansas Code § 6-18-316

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Arkansas Code § 6-18-316
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During the 2023 legislative session, changes were made to Arkansas Code § 6-18-316, the law governing legal student transfers, often referred to as "board-to-board transfers". Under the revised law, a local school board may, by resolution, delegate the authority to approve a transfer to the superintendent, but not the authority to deny. A parent or guardian whose request is denied, must be given at least five (5) minutes to present to the board of directors, and a denial of a transfer by either school district board is appealable to the State Board of Education. 

NOTE: The Department is in the process of promulgating a new rule titled Rule Governing Petitions for Student Transfers. A copy of the proposed rule is available on the Department's website at 

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