Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Act 1124 of 2017 - Purchase Price Threshold for Bidding Commodities

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Ark. Code Ann. ยง 6-21-304
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Ark. Code Ann. § 6-21-304, as amended by Act 1124 of 2017, requires the Commissioner of Education to adjust the purchasing threshold for bidding amounts under Ark. Code Ann. § 6-21-304(a)(1)(A) by the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for All Urban Consumers or its successor.  This adjustment shall be done by July 1 of each year.


The increase in the CPI for this category during the 12 month period ending April 2018 was  2.5%. Therefore, the purchasing threshold for bidding under Ark. Code Ann. § 6-21-304 will increase from $20,000 to $20,500 for the 2018-2019 school year.  


See below for calculation: 



Purchasing threshold for bidding under Ark. Code Ann.           § 6-21-304

CPI - All Urban Consumers

Percentage Change for the 12 month period ending April 2018










While the legislation does not provide a specific source for the CPI data, the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) recognizes the Bureau of Labor Statistics' as a valid source of CPI data. 


The CPI data used for the percentage increase calculation is found at Choose April 2018 and the category CPI-U to see the 2.5% change for the 12 month period ending April 2018.


For more information on the CPI, go to the following website:


If you cannot click on the above links, copy and paste the URLs into the Internet browser address bar.



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