Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education 2023-24 ELL Categorical Funds Distribution

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Per the process described in Commissioner's Memo LS-20-009, the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has released the December disbursement of State Categorical ELL funds in the amount of $366 per identified English Learner. The attached document (on the "Dec 2023 EL Funds Disbursed" tab) will indicate which districts received the disbursement (issued Thursday, December 21, 2023). The attached document (on the "Dec 2023 ELL Count Source" tab) indicates whether the ELL enrollment count came from Cycle 2 or from a verified count (DESE Confirmation Pull) after the district submitted a corrected Language Minority Student (LMS) Error Report and adjusted ESL/LMS roster. Final ELL count/numbers will be reflected on upcoming State Aid Notices.

Districts whose December EL Count/Payment Count Source were marked as TBD on the attached document (on the "Dec 2023 EL Count Source" tab) will receive the ELL Categorical fund disbursement February 2024 pending receipt of a corrected Language Minority Student Error Report (LMS Error Report) and adjusted ESL/LMS Roster for October 1, 2023. For funding to be disbursed February 2024, the corrections and adjustments are to be completed by no later than February 23, 2024.

When the LMS Error Report for October 1, 2023 is clear, the ESOL Coordinator must notify Ongoing technical assistance from the ESOL/English Learners office will continue to be provided to support districts in meeting this expectation.

Districts are responsible for ensuring ELL funds are spent on eligible activities as described in the Special Needs Funding Rules. See the Student Special Needs Funding Rules, Section 5 for further details. The revenue code is 32371 and the source of fund code is 2276 for State Categorical ELL Funds.

Please consult the "EL: Data Reporting and Processing" presentation (PDF) and the COGNOS Reports Information document for further details regarding data entry into eSchool and COGNOS reports pertaining to Language Minority Students. Additional materials regarding the Arkansas English Learner Entrance and Exit Procedures are available on DESE's English Learner webpage.

If you have further questions about this process or ESOL services, please contact or your ESOL Regional Specialist.

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